Thomas Joseph - King Feature Syndicate - Nov 10 2010

Clues Answers
'Twelfth Night' heroine OLIVIA
'What's Going On' singer GAYE
Antique OLD
Appeal to INVOKE
Border RIM
Braille unit DOT
Buffet abuser OVEREATER
Bullring call OLE
Byways ROADS
Carolina bird WREN
Cart pullers OXEN
CD segment TRACK
Fielder's aid GLOVE
For each PER
Force member COP
Gun the motor REV
Highest card ACE
Jail cell CAGE
Kicked, in a way KNEED
Knife type PARING
Last Greek letter OMEGA
Like some furniture polishes LEMONY
Log chopper AXE
Luau strings UKE
Make baskets WEAVE
Maximum amount ALL
Clues Answers
Mine finds LODES
Muse quantity NINE
Ninny DODO
Paris' home TROY
Pinnacle TOP
Ranch pens CORRALS
Rarin' to go OVEREAGER
Region of eastern France ALSACE
Rockies resort ASPEN
Saloon order ALE
Saucy PERT
Scout's job RECON
Second person EVE
Show mercy RELENT
Some tires RADIALS
Split REND
Square dancer REELER
Stepped down ALIT
Stockpile LOADUP
Tusk material IVORY
Vacillate TEETER
Volcano shape CONE
Vote seeker POL
White House office shape OVAL
Writer Brown DAN