Thomas Joseph - King Feature Syndicate - Mar 31 2008

Clues Answers
'An Inconvenient Truth' star GORE
'Forget it!' NOWAY
Aquarium fish TETRA
Arrow holder QUIVER
Artless NAIVE
Awesome, in surf talk RAD
Balkans native SERB
Battery end ANODE
Brought to mind EVOKED
Cain's mother EVE
Call it a day QUIT
Carnival attractions RIDES
Ceremonies RITES
College study MAJOR
Deceives LIESTO
Drink to TOAST
Election Day mo. NOV
Fancy vase URN
Goose egg ZERO
Hare's cousin RABBIT
Have a bite EAT
Inner picture XRAY
Language test ORAL
Last letter, in London ZED
Clues Answers
Like some wallpapers FLORAL
Longings YENS
Magazine unit ISSUE
Mexican state SONORA
Mine rocks ORES
Mrs. Fields of cookie fame DEBBI
Parental warning DONT
Peacekeeping org. NATO
Photographer Walker EVANS
Place PUT
Place down LAY
Programs that track users SPYWARE
Purpose USE
Racetrack bet EXACTA
Ready to come home ONBASE
Sack BAG
Saloon quaff BEER
Turn aside AVERT
USC's conference PACTEN
Was agitated FUSSED
Weary sound SIGH
Wild cards, at times JOKERS