Thomas Joseph - King Feature Syndicate - Jan 26 2007

Clues Answers
'... man -- mouse?' ORA
1987 Danish movie BABETTESFEAST
2006 family movie CHARLOTTESWEB
Alaska native ALEUT
Aphrodite's love ARES
Augusta tourney MASTERS
Beach creatures CRABS
Bridal path AISLE
Chiding sound TUT
Croquet settings LAWNS
Does something ACTS
Dressed CLAD
Essence NUB
Father's Day gift TIE
Filming location SET
Get-up-and-go PEP
Glade grazer DEER
Goals AIMS
Havana's land CUBA
Jazz combo TRIO
Join together WELD
Join together FUSE
Kite part TAIL
Make a goof STUMBLE
Clues Answers
More than pudgy OBESE
Not yet captured ATLARGE
Old auto REO
Patriot Allen ETHAN
Pig's place STY
Pottery coat GLAZE
Rank above viscount EARL
Received GOT
Restaurant unit TABLE
Rock genre METAL
Rose part STEM
Sacred song MOTET
Sea mammal WHALE
Singer Boone DEBBY
Singer Phil OCHS
Sister of Jo, Amy, and Beth MEG
Spots SEES
Swaggering MACHO
Swindle SCAM
Take to the soapbox ORATE
Tiny bit ATOM
Tombstone name EARP
Travel aid ATLAS
Wallet fill ONES
Winter glider SLED