Irish Times (Simplex) - Aug 12 2017

Clues Answers
Assert firmly INSIST
Based on custom rather than documentation UNWRITTEN
Church law CANON
Come into view APPEAR
Correct to improve EMEND
Dead bodies of animals CARCASES
Demanding or stimulating situation CHALLENGE
Dissection and examination ANALYSIS
Each and every ALL
Edgar Allan ..., American writer POE
Escargots, to the French SNAILS
Felt concern or interest CARED
Foreign, very strange ALIEN
Forms of civil disobedience SITINS
Give permission ALLOW
In accordance with statute LEGAL
J. D. ..., author of Catcher in the Rye SALINGER
Japanese currency YEN
Clues Answers
Long thin pasta LINGUINI
Marine museum AQUARIUM
Meet the requirements of FULFIL
Move at speed RUN
Piece of music for piano SONATA
Really, genuinely TRULY
Relating to sight VISUAL
Royal dog CORGI
Septic, tainted INFECTED
Soak, douse DRENCH
Sounds like a day for an ice-cream dish SUNDAE
Spatter with liquid SPLASH
Straying from the right course ERRANT
Swim in the nude SKINNYDIP
US ivy league university PRINCETON
Vacations HOLIDAYS
Woodwind instrument CLARINET