Irish Times (Simplex) - May 20 2017

Clues Answers
''It is a ... evening, calm and free'' (Wordsworth) BEAUTEOUS
Back tooth MOLAR
Chief steward or butler of a household MAJORDOMO
Composition for an orchestra SYMPHONY
Daily written record DIARY
East African republic TANZANIA
Excessively fat OBESE
Frighten into submission COW
Fruit eaten as a vegetable TOMATO
Group of islands in the Atlantic CANARIES
Happy chance GOODLUCK
Importer of goods without paying duties SMUGGLER
Instrument for viewing internal body cavities and organs ENDOSCOPE
Lacking strength or vigour FEEBLE
Long strip with a slogan BANNER
Lowest floor BASEMENT
Macedonian capital SKOPJE
Maker of beer BREWER
Clues Answers
Mentally overexerted STRESSED
Moon madness LUNACY
Mountain lakes TARNS
Muslim women of high rank BEGUMS
Narrow strip of leather STRAP
Only, and nothing more MERELY
Pastry crust with filling PIE
Republic in central Africa RWANDA
Settled comfortably ENSCONCED
Substance for staining DYE
The little one lost her sheep BOPEEP
The nuptial ceremony MARRIAGE
Thingamabob, gadget GIZMO
Tortilla chip NACHO
Uncover, expose to view EXPOSE
Very early calculator ABACUS
Water-filled ditches as fortifications MOATS
Yoko ..., wife of John Lennon ONO