Irish Times (Simplex) - Feb 17 2017

Clues Answers
A feeling of righteous anger OUTRAGE
Abbreviate, contract ABRIDGE
Adult male chickens ROOSTERS
Ascertain by gathering facts DETERMINE
Band of contrasting colour STRIPE
Brook, runnel STREAM
Call for a repeat performance ENCORE
Colour of old photographs SEPIA
Deal with ATTENDTO
Drink of the gods NECTAR
Earlier or preferably SOONER
Early Mexicans AZTECS
Evergreen tree CONIFER
Extremely dry ARID
Fly that transmits sleeping sickness TSETSE
For the time being, in short PROTEM
German shepherd dog ALSATIAN
Goddess of the dawn AURORA
Clues Answers
Great respect or veneration REVERENCE
Greek muse of history CLIO
Leaping insect FLEA
Male duck DRAKE
Mississippi capital and 7th US president JACKSON
Moveable barriers GATES
Mystery or riddle ENIGMA
Powerful and effective language ELOQUENCE
Quivered, trembled QUAKED
Room for relaxing LOUNGE
Rushed, madly busy HECTIC
Shorebird with bill curving upwards AVOCET
Sign of a learner LPLATE
They're skilled in coffee-making BARISTAS
Tidy and trim NEAT
Twin-hulled sailing boat CATAMARAN
Up to the point that UNTIL
Woman, girl FEMALE