Thomas Joseph - King Feature Syndicate - Jan 19 2017

Clues Answers
'Love Story' actor ONEAL
'Very funny!' HAHA
-- impasse ATAN
2016 Olympics setting RIO
Abby's sister ANN
Beach resort LIDO
Bottle part NECK
Bouquet SMELL
Brat's opposite ANGEL
Chowder bit CLAM
Composer Satie ERIK
Crooner Mel TORME
Cry of insight AHA
Doily stuff LACE
Energy ZIP
Espresso order LATTE
Evenly matched ONETOONE
Eyeglass MONOCLE
Feeds the furnace STOKES
Formerly ONCE
Fraternal group ELKS
Hawaiian port HILO
Heaps ALOT
Khartoum's river NILE
Kids' puzzle type DOTTODOT
Clues Answers
Lamb's mothers EWES
Lamb's mutter BAA
Like TV's Steve Austin BIONIC
Mona Lisa feature SMILE
Not barefoot SHOD
Oil unit BARREL
One after another ENDTOEND
Open square PLAZA
Outfit RIG
Performs DOES
Remove bandaging from UNTAPE
Rowing team CREW
Santa -- winds ANA
Sign of freshness SLAP
Sports figure STAT
State game LOTTO
Stench ODOR
Tennis feat ACE
Uncertain CHANCY
Uttered ORAL
Wine grape PINOT
Zone alternative MANTOMAN
Zoo resident ANIMAL