Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jan 15 2016

Clues Answers
'And I Love ' HER
'Don't go!' STAY
'Kidnapped' monogram RLS
'Macbeth' parts ACTS
A deadly sin PRIDE
Actress Gardner AVA
Air hero ACE
Aviv TEL
Ballpark fig EST
Bard's river AVON
Bay window ORIEL
Cat's cry MEW
Classic Olds REO
D-Day beach OMAHA
Draft agcy SSS
Draws nigh NEARS
ET vehicles UFOS
Eyeball ORB
Feel fluish AIL
Fix, in a way SPAY
Fla. neighbor ALA
French 101 article UNE
Fury IRE
Gdansk natives POLES
Goo-covered SLIMY
Hindu teacher SWAMI
Hitter's stat RBI
Lanka lead-in SRI
Lifeguard's skill (Abbr.) CPR
Like crazy MADLY
Lingus AER
Logo, often TRADEMARK
Clues Answers
Louvre display ART
May honoree MOM
Metal fastener RIVET
Nest egg acronym IRA
Newspaper pg OPED
Nile biter ASP
Not agin, to Daisy Mae FER
Not ours THEIRS
Novak or Basinger KIM
Parish priest VICAR
Parking spots CURBS
Part of TNT TRI
Planted SOWED
Profound DEEP
Query ASK
Red wine MERLOT
Road crew PAVERS
Samuel Clemens MARKTWAIN
Shinbone TIBIA
Shrimp's kin PRAWN
Siesta hrs PMS
Sly laugh HEH
Soft palate dangler UVULA
Spring meltdown THAW
Spy org CIA
Store events SALES
Stupefied INAWE
Swiss high pts MTS
Take the gold WIN
Thing ITEM
Tickle pink ELATE
Tizzy SNIT
Young bean SPROUT