The Guardian - Quick crossword No 14,226 - Dec 12 2015

Clues Answers
Asian country, divided north and south from 1954 to 1975 VIETNAM
Basic criterion STANDARD
Climbing evergreen IVY
Commotion TUMULT
Doctor's people skills? BEDSIDEMANNER
Eminent beyond comparison NONPAREIL
Emphatic pronoun for the thing or animal under discussion ITSELF
European capital VIENNA
Expression used in informal conversation COLLOQUIALISM
Follower of a Hindu philosophy involving mind and body YOGI
German for name (anag) — actor MORGANFREEMAN
Clues Answers
Highest in degree UTMOST
Horny-plated animal ARMADILLO
Lasting for 52 weeks YEARLONG
Neck injury WHIPLASH
Panache — ardour ELAN
Self-centred person EGOTIST
Senior member of a profession DOYEN
Soldier who jumps to order? (abbr) PARA
Subordinate to BELOW
Take apart UNDO
That's all there is to it! BOBSYOURUNCLE
With hypothermia one's extremities may! TURNBLUE