Thomas Joseph - King Feature Syndicate - Oct 8 2015

Clues Answers
'Gomer Pyle' star NABORS
'So that's it!' AHA
Appears SEEMS
Big racket DIN
Binary base TWO
Blue hue AZURE
Brewer's need MALT
Candle material BEESWAX
Circle segment ARC
Conductor Seiji OZAWA
D.C. baseballer NAT
Dapper guy DAN
Deadly snake VIPER
Donkey sound HEEHAW
Fable finish MORAL
Finely chopped RICED
Fishing items LURES
Flower feature STEM
Friend of Peter WENDY
Grazing spot LEA
Hand or foot UNIT
Historic time AGE
Instructional HOWTO
Joined the choir SANG
Clues Answers
Jousting need LANCE
Laughable INANE
Make a speech ORATE
Margin for error LEEWAY
Moses of the track EDWIN
Not recorded LIVE
Opposing votes NAYS
Pale WAN
Prone to pry NOSY
Pupil's place EYE
Rhoda's portrayer VALERIE
Says 'I do' WEDS
Spring sign ARIES
Star in Scorpio ANTARES
Swiss peak ALP
Talk at length RUNON
Tranquil ATPEACE
Unable to eat another bite SATED
Vein yield ORE
Venus' sister SERENA
Vicinity AREA
When to start a round TEETIME
Wind indicator VANE
With speed RAPIDLY